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I am a


I am the self proclaimed most Awesome Person on the planet. I am the Founder and the main Saree Designer at Aurelia, I am a passionate programmer, Passionate Singer, Pianist and Muscian who has a good ear for the tune, Teacher who loves to teach kids and creator of awesome things.

  • Name:Kavishka Fernando
  • Email:kavishkafdo95@gmail.com
  • Date of birth:06 April 1995



Informatics Institute of Technology- 2014-Current

IIT, Informatics Institute of Technology is a private higher educational institute in Sri Lanka affliated with the University of Westminster which specializes in Information Technology. I am currently doing the BEng Software Enginnering Degree.


Bishop's College - 2001-2014

Bishop's College is a private Anglican girls' school in Sri Lanka with all grades from kindergarten to Grade 14. It is located at 15 Boyd Place, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka. I did the Local Ordinary Level Examination and Local Advanced Level Examination in the Maths Stream. I was also the Deputy Head Prefect in School and actively participated in many Extra Curricular activities.



Founder/CEO - 2017-Current

Aurelia is the home to amazing designer sarees custom made with a unique artisitc touch. At Aurelia, our aim is to provide unique one of a kind pieces at an attractive price. For more information about Aurelia, Checkout our Website, Facebook page and Instagram page. Contact us on 077.

Virtusa Polaris

Trainee Software Engineer - 2016 - Current

Virtusa provides a broad range of IT consulting, systems implementation and application outsourcing services through an optimized global delivery model. I am currently working at Virtusa Polaris as a Trainee Software Engineer as a part of the 1 year Internship program for my Software Engineering Degree at IIT.

Andro Dollar Network

Co-Founder - 2016 - Current

The Andro Dollar Network is the parent company of the Andro Dollar Tech Blog, Andro Dollar Youtube Channel and Andro Dollar Creative Agency. For more information, Checkout www.network.androdollar.com

Andro Dollar Services

Co-Founder - 2016 - Current

Andro Dollar Services is a Creative Agency. Andro Dollar specializes in providing remarkable services to the clients with the best expereince catered specially with passion. For more information, Checkout www.services.androdollar.com


Web Development
Creative Writing
Business Analysis
Mobile Development
Public Speaking